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A Belgian Malinois Kennel Located in Hawai'i

About Us

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Defend Kennels is a Belgian Malinois Kennel located in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu.  We specialize in first generation purebred Malinois from the Netherlands.


About Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are a breed of dog that belong to the shepherd family.  It is one of four varieties of the Belgian Shepherd.  Medium to large in size the Malinois is squarely-proportioned giving the dog an elegant and proud appearance.  Varying in color from a rich fawn to mahogany with short black-tipped hair the Malinois exhibits a striking and instantly recognizable look.  Strong and agile Malinois are not only physically built to be working dogs, they have the intellectually capacity for it as well.

Belgian Malinois' are confident dogs.  They exhibit an even keel; reacting neither too shy or too aggressive in new situations.  Malinois' are naturally protective animals of both it’s owner’s and owner’s property.  Malinois' have a strong desire to work and respond quickly to commands from it’s owner.  Malinois' have among the highest energy levels of all dog breeds.  They need consistent exercise and enjoy being challenged.  Just as much as Malinois need physical activity they need intellectual stimulation as well.  Malinois enjoy being challenged and are bred to “work”.  


What does "working dog" mean?

The term “working dog” refers to a dog that is bred for function over form.  A working dog is one that is bred primarily for the ability to perform a task.  Historically Malinois were bred to be herding dogs and protectors of persons and property.  Today Malinois are widely used in protection work both in the field (police, military, and government) and for personal home security and protection.  Bred to be alert, intellectual and quick to respond it’s no wonder the Malinois is one of the most sought after breeds of working dog today.


What does KNPV mean?

KNPV stands for Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehond Vereniging which translates in English to Royal Dutch Police Dog Association.  KNPV is an intense Dutch police dog certification program that tests the physical strength, agility and stamina of the dog.  Originating in 1907 KNPV designations are among the most coveted in the world today with the vast majority of competitors being Malinois.  Trials are arduous and comprehensive testing the dog in areas of protection work, search & tracking, water retrieval, bite work, food refusal and obedience.  Owning a dog with KNPV heritage speaks volumes of the dog and his or her lineage.  


What is IPO/Schutzlund?

IPO, formerly known as Shutzlund is a demanding three part sport developed for the primary reason of developing top level dogs.  Shutzlund, which is German for protection dog, was developed in Germany in the early 1900s.  Initially the sport was developed for German Shepherds but has since grown to test a variety of working dog breeds; few however, pass.  IPO is the international standard.  Testing focuses on the areas of tracking, obedience and protection and assessing whether the dog displays appropriate traits and characteristics to be titled.  There are three levels of titling IPO 1, IPO 2, and IPO 3 as the levels ascends the work and demands progressively get harder on the dog.  


What is Mondioring?

Developed in the late 1980’s Mondoring is an FCI authorized protection dog sport.  It was designed to bring together the various dog sport disciplines across the world, including French Ring, Belgian Ring, IPO and KNPV, and streamline them for dogs to compete in a common sport.  As in other dog protection competitions, Mondoring is a series of exercises including obedience, agility and protection, that the dog is handled through.  Trials in the US began in 2000 and since then sport has grown steadily.  


Quick Facts

-Average life span 12-15 years

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-Size: average weight: male 55-75 lbs/ female 50-65 lbs 

-Color: Fawn, Mahogany, Red, Tan, Sable, and Black with Black Masks

-Coat: Short Hair

-Personality: Intelligent, Hardworking, Confident and extremely Loyal

-Ranked 47th most popular breed by AKC